Factory and Production

The Yamanaka Advantage

Yamanaka’s products are processed in our state of the art facilities in close collaboration with our local suppliers and overseen by our in house shipping and logistics teams.

This close relationship along the entire production process allows Yamanaka to produce top quality products with speed and at a price point that is highly competitive on the global market.

Local Collaboration

Yamanaka maintains a close relationship with the fishermen who grow and harvest from the rich waters of Miyagi.  

Before our suppliers harvest from the ocean,  Yamanaka works closely with these fishermen to conduct comprehensive tests to monitor the quality of the ocean water and bacterial count.  

This relationship and open line of communication ensures that we share a mutual understanding and respect for the quality and safety of the products that we deliver to you.


Prior to freezing and shipping, our oysters go through a thorough 22 hour depuration process of constantly cycling purified seawater that circulates over 12 liters of water per 1000 oysters per minute. After depuration, our oysters are then immediately frozen at -50c in our tunnel and proton freezers.

Yamanaka utilizes the world’s first auto sheller system in our scallop production line. This revolutionary technology automatically sorts and separates the scallop’s shell, mantle, and stomach. The auto sheller system is also able to carefully extract and gather the adductor muscle of our scallops with great precision.

Each of our shellfish are subjected to both external and internal inspections that check for bacterial count both within and outside our shellfish.  Products with compromised shell structures are also rejected. 

The management and production of Yamanaka’s products and business takes place within the same building.  This system of in-house management and production allows us to produce top quality products and negotiate price points that are highly competitive.