The Yamanaka Brand

Yamanaka’s products are grown in the incredibly rich and clean waters of the Sanriku Coast and waters of Hokkaido where the natural geography and conditions of the regions are perfect for raising of shellfish. These areas are also located in areas with low populations and far away from industrial centers.

Miyagi Oysters

The Miyagi Oyster (also known as the Pacific Oyster) is the most commonly grown oyster in the world and holds most of the global oyster market and they all originated here off the Miyagi Coast.  Large oysters with elongated shells, our Miyagi Oysters combine rich and creamy savory flavors with a light brine flavor of the bay.

Grown in the rich waters of the Sanriku Coastline, Miyagi Oysters are raised in a perfect environment for their growth.Here the cold Oyashio and warm Kuroshio ocean currents converge which provides a rich supply of nutrition and plankton to these waters while the mountainous coastline of Miyagi provides plentiful fortifying minerals. These conditions lead to large and incredibly flavorful and delicious oysters.

Our oysters are grown on the recycled shells of our large scallops and hung out in the bay for the entirety of their lifespans. This method allows our farming to have minimal impact on the precious and pristine Sanriku Coastline.



Raised from waters rich in plankton and minerals, Yamanaka scallops grow faster and larger than other parts of Japan. Our scallops are raised via a special method where they are individually tied to long ropes hung from the surface that restricts their movement while also ensuring that they are provided with abundant nutrients. Growing our scallops in this way yields larger, softer, and incredibly sweet and succulent bivalve meat while also eliminating the need for damaging dredging during harvest.

Not only are our scallops delicious, they are also rich in taurine, a vitamin believed to help prevent diseases. Each of our scallops has approximately 1000mg within their delicious meat.


Also known as sea pineapples, our hoya are a regional delicacy of the Sanriku Coastline and the majority of Hoya in Japan are produced here in Miyagi. Grown for 3-4 years in the coastal waters of Sanriku, our hoya are rich in nutrients and flavor.

Hoya may be eaten raw as sashimi and is said to have a unique and strong flavor of the sea. Hoya may also be cooked in a variety of other methods such as grilling, deep frying, and smoking them which yields a very different savory flavor.Hoya are primarily consumed in Japan and Korea, but are also shipped to France, Italy, Chile, and other markets across the world.